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Protect your investment

Whether you are keeping your cargo in place or protecting your bed from heavy loads, genuine sprayed on Rhino Linings are the industry standard. Backed by a lifetime guarantee these air and water tight solutions when paired with our complete lineup of under body coatings and truck accessories trucks, jeeps, RVs, ATVs, and boats are some of the largest investments you will make. You worked hard to earn it, so keep it protected from the elements and add a touch of personal style that sets you apart from the rest. 


our vision

Just because it makes your truck tough, doesn't mean it has to be ugly.

When Marlyn Miller purchased the franchise from Ontario Rhino Linings (Ohio) in 2019, he knew it was essential to offer customers the same attention to detail the Pattons had given their customers for many years. As such, he trained directly under them and spared no expense in ensuring his shop was prepared.

As a small shop, reputation is everything and a commitment to quality is personal.  At Rhino Linings of Fredericktown, every job is meticulously prepped, coated, and inspected both visually and instrumentally to ensure your coating lives up to the Rhino Lining name and our promise to quality. 


Rhino Linings

With 25 years of track record, Rhino Linings® is the consumer rated #1 spray-on truck bed liner brand. Our spray-on Rhino liner bed liner products are backed by our Nationwide Warranty Program. In addition to truck bed liners, Rhino Linings products are used as a protective coating for a variety of vehicle applications.

NH Oil Undercoating

Despite recent advances in the materials and manufacture of vehicles, auto corrosion is still with us. You can hardly miss the effects of rust. Fortunately, with our NH Oil Undercoating vehicle undercoating services rust/corrosion prevention system you can fight back. By following a regular program of  NHOU® Oil-based rustproofing corrosion prevention coating, you can keep your car in excellent condition.

NH Oil Undercoating® your car or truck is one of the best ways to stop corrosion before it starts. Applying NH Oil Undercoating automotive undercoating to a vehicle puts a physical barrier between the exposed underbody and all the road brine just waiting to pummel it.

Extang Truck Bed Covers

Made in the USA, since 1982 Extang continues to lead the industry with innovation, quality products, Maximum Strength warranties and the best in customer support.

BW Trailer Hitches

Built in America’s heartland with pride, BW Trailer Hitches not only pioneered stow-and-go technology, but set the bar for all other hitches. If you treat your truck, trailer, and cargo as precious, no other hitch will do.

Rhino Linings of Fredericktown is conveniently located 3.25 miles east of the I-71 exit on State Route 95 just 45 minutes north of downtown Columbus and 30 minutes south of Mansfield. 

7199 State Route 95, Fredericktown, OH 43019